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Sunlight specialized in lightning protection & grounding industry for over 20 years, we export our products with wholesale/factory price to more than 70 countries, and help local distributors to successfully develop their business by providing training, technical support and marketing. We are very active in South East Asia, Middle East, North and South America.


As the leading and top lightning protection & grounding brand in China, Sunlight has won more than 70 national patents and edited 22 National Power Industry Standards for grounding products in China. Our main products including:

1. Exothermic welding(IEEE837,IEC, CE, UL, RoHS): Electronic ignition exothermic welding,welding powder, graphite mold).

2. Lightning protection system: Lightning early warning/alert/alarm system, lightning strike counter, ground resistance online detector/tester.

3. Earth rod/ ground rod: Copper bonded steel rod/tape/wire, copper clad steel rod/tape/wire.

4. Copper earth clamps/clips, ALG/CET sustained release ion ground device for grounding/earthing system, ground enhancement materials/earthing compound/backfill compound etc.


We can also do customized products, 100% suit for market requirements.