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Electronic Ignition Exothermic Weld Powder Advantages and Factory Price China (IEEE837,UL467,IEC,ROHS)

Core advantages of Sunlightweld electronic ignition exothermic welding connections:
1.Maintain lower resistance over time(fused connection).
2.Molecular bonding eliminates any risk of loosening.
3.Will resist repeated faulty currents.
4.Will not deteriorate with age.
5.Lifespan exceeds that of the conductors it connects.
6.Offers the lowest possible earth path resistance. and easy to use with minimal training and protective requirements, anyone even a new hand can operate.
Electronic Ignition Exothermic Weld Powder Advantages and Factory Price China (IEEE837,UL467,IEC,ROHS)

Product Details(Features/Advantages)

As our best-selling product in global market, electronic ignition exothermic welding powder manufactured by Sunlightweld factory has received lots of praises from our international client and partners, it has IEEE837, UL467, IEC62561-1, CE and ROHs certifications and also patented in the United States, Here are some of the typical advantages for e-plus exothermic welding powder:

1. Ignition 100%

The weld powder formula is optimized, the ignition rate is nearly up to 100%, and the ignition efficiency is consistent and stable. and because the thermite reaction is more complete, the flame spray distance is shorter, which makes it safer.

2. No ignition powder

E-plus uses an electronic starter with a rechargeable battery for ignition( 4 removable worldwide universal 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries), which makes E-plus easy to transport, safer, and not affected by wind during construction.

3. Less residue, more environmentally friendly

The E-plus cup body is also a part of the welding formula, the whole copper cup will participate in the exothermic reaction, and the cup body will be directly integrated into the welding joint, and there is almost no residue left.

exothermic welding metal component

4. Shorten the operating time

Operate in three steps—put the E-plus exothermic welding cup into the graphite mold, connect the electrical quick connector and then press the switch button to perform exothermic welding.

The operation time to complete the whole exothermic welding process is within seconds. There is no need to unpack, place steel disc, sprinkle ignition powder, ignite and other operations, saving about 70% of operating time, and of course save labor cost for you.

5. Safe transportation and storage

Electronic ignition exothermic welding powder manufactured by our factory does not contain flammable and explosive components, no external starting power or heat source, so that can be transported by air to reduce transportation time. Moreover, 8-layer protective packaging(better packages against damping, moisture and vibration) is used to ensure the quality stability of the product under natural environment, and it is easy to store and keep.

exothermic welding metal component

6. Stable welding quality

The independent packaging of the electronic ignition exothermic welding cup manufactured by our factory improves the consistency of the joint quality and avoids factors that affect the quality such as wind blowing away bagged flux compared to the traditional exothermic welding.

7. Compatible with traditional molds

Sunlightweld EPLUS powder cups are compatible with graphite mold.

Product Options(Customized Available) 

Multiple Powder choice: 45#, 65#, 90#, 115#, 150#, 200#, 250#(100% suit for market requirements)


Lead Time

1-2 workdays(average), within 7 workdays(for large&bulk orders)

After-sale Service(Within 24hrs)

Any product quality problems occur, our salesman and technical&product engineer will response within 24hrs