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Lightning protection systems save lives, prevent property damage

Source : Sichuan Sunlight intelligent electric equipment Co., ltd

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Lightning protection systems save lives, prevent property damage

If you have to guess which danger will lead to the biggest insurance loss of the homeowner, you may say theft because of all these home security system advertisements. According to the data of the Insurance Information Institute, the property losses caused by theft are actually declining, only 1% in 2017. On the other hand, the losses caused by fire and lightning accounted for 35% of all losses in that year, which is the highest cost insurance risk so far. Last year, nearly 78,000 policyholders were paid more than $900 million in lightning claims. From 2016 to 2018, the average cost of each claim increased by an astonishing 21%, with an average claim of nearly $12,000. The increase in labor and construction costs and the increasing popularity of smart home products are the main reasons for this increase. What help does installing thunder strike protection system to create lightning protection community have to prevent lightning loss?

lightning protection metal rod

Lightning stroke loss can be prevented

We can't stop lightning attack, but we can prevent it from damaging buildings and their contents and hurting people. Just as we may install smoke detectors or automatic sprinkler systems in buildings to prevent fires, we can do many things to prevent lightning. Similar to other home safety measures, create lightning protection community is a wise way to manage the risk of the most common weather disasters. According to the data of the National Severe Storm Laboratory, the frequency of lightning strikes reaching the ground is as high as 8 million times per day or 100 times per second. So why don't we take measures to protect our lives and prevent lightning loss? Insurable damage caused by lightning includes accidental and negligent death, fire and interruption and destruction of key data resources and technical infrastructure. The thunder strike protection system can eliminate or at least significantly reduce these potential claims by installing lightning protection metal rods.

From Ben Franklin to Modern Protection

The thunder strike protection system can be traced back to Ben Franklin's famous kite experiment in 1752. Lightning struck a key on the kite string, which confirmed Franklin's theory that the lightning protection metal rod installed on the top of a building can protect it from lightning strikes. Lightning strikes the pole and is conducted to the ground through wires, where it dissipates. Today's thunder strike protection system is more complex, but the principle is the same. The certified protection system uses the lightning protection metal rod materials listed by UL to prevent lightning loss and safely disperse it into the ground without affecting the structure, occupants or content. In addition, these thunder strike protection systems can prevent power supply, data and communication lines and power surges on vulnerable equipment. The construction and protection plan of Lightning Protection Association helps to create lightning protection community by encouraging architects and builders to take thunder strike protection system as part of the design and construction process. When you consider that the cost of preventing strikes is less than 1% of the cost of new construction, the return may be great.

lightning protection metal rod

Smart home devices are vulnerable to attack

A new development worthy of special attention is the popularization of smart home equipment. Lightning will damage the automation and connected electronic equipment and appliances in the whole house. Even though they may have lightning protection metal rods, these integrated building systems are still vulnerable to fire and surge. Lightning can disturb, degrade and damage electronic systems and connected equipment, so it is very important to create lightning protection community for intelligent structures. Of course, we are still most concerned about the fire caused by lightning strikes. According to NFPA data, from 2007 to 2011, the local fire department dealt with an average of 22,600 fires caused by lightning every year. NFPA said that these fires caused an average of 9 civilian deaths and millions of direct property losses every year. What is the most important reason why homeowners and owners should install professionally certified thunder strike protection systems? It can save lives and prevent lightning loss.

These are the reasons why Sunlight thinks that homeowners and owners should install professionally certified thunder strike protection systems. If you want to know more about Sunlight providing customers with high-quality lightning protection metal rod materials, please keep an eye on Sunlight's official website. We will update relevant products from time to time, and provide relevant product information and materials, and look forward to your visit and consultation.

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