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How to distinguish the quality of graphite grounding wire

Source : Sichuan Sunlight intelligent electric equipment Co., ltd

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How to distinguish the quality of graphite grounding wire
The graphite grounding wire is in the shape of a cable and is made of high-carbon graphite and other materials through advanced production technology. It is a non-metallic electrical conductor, corrosion-resistant, rust-free, high-current impact without counterattack, high and low temperature resistance, stable grounding resistance, maintenance-free, update-free, safe and reliable. It has good electrical conductivity and impact current withstand characteristics; reliable corrosion resistance; stable mechanical structure; good thermal stability; convenient transportation and construction, high adhesion to the soil; prevention of theft and man-made damage, and other traditional grounding Extremely comparative advantage software.

The use of graphite grounding electrodes in conjunction with soft graphite grounding modules can reduce resistivity and is better than other traditional grounding electrodes, saving 50% of excavation earthwork, reducing construction intensity, shortening construction time, and reducing costs by 50%. The service life is more than 50 years, and there is no secondary maintenance cost. In the mountainous areas with inconvenient transportation, there is no need to carry heavy equipment such as welding machines. The installation process is simplified and the connection is just overlapped. The installation and construction time is greatly shortened, the overall cost performance is high, and all aspects have huge advantages. Therefore, the choice of soft graphite grounding electrode in high soil resistivity grounding engineering.
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Graphite grounding wire has been widely used in the lightning protection grounding industry due to its strong advantages, but the problem of product quality assurance comes with it. Many fake products have appeared on the market. How to distinguish between good and bad has become a top priority. The flexible graphite grounding wire is made of expanded graphite and various fiber and metal wire reinforcement materials, respectively, and added with a binder.

Expanded graphite packing, also known as flexible graphite packing, is made of flexible graphite thread through core weaving. It is braided by glass fiber reinforced graphite thread to reduce the loss on ignition of the product. Expanded graphite packing has good self-lubricity and thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient, strong versatility, good softness and high strength.

The quality of packing should be judged by appearance and strength to see if the appearance is smooth. The color of high-quality graphite packing is black and bright. Check to see if any graphite chips will fall off by gently bending. Poor graphite packing will cause graphite chips to fall off. Graphite packing mainly depends on the carbon content of graphite and the metal wire added in it. The carbon content of graphite is generally above 98%, and the metal wire is made of nickel wire. These are not visible from the surface and generally require laboratory tests.

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