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Lightning and Aquatics Safety for Outdoor Pools

Source : Sichuan Sunlight intelligent electric equipment Co., ltd

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Lightning and Aquatics Safety for Outdoor Pools

The purpose of this paper is to let users know about the water safety and lightning protection of outdoor swimming pools. Lightning protection measures in metal pipeline system of outdoor swimming pool are a problem in safety, risk management and loss control procedures of entertainment facilities. This topic is also a question sunlight often receives. People are worried about whether thunderstorm safety precautions in indoor swimming pools should also be applied to outdoor facilities. Should outdoor swimming pools be evacuated, or should they be considered safe to use in storms? Sunlight provides explanations and follow-up resources on this issue.

thunderstorm safety precautions

There are many variables to be considered under the condition of lightning attachment.

If the structure of outdoor swimming pool facilities has complete thunderstorm safety precautions: 1) materials and methods meet the national safety standards for lightning protection devices; 2) Installation by a qualified LPI certified contractor such as sunlight Company; And 3) certified by a third-party inspection service organization such as LPI Intellectual Property Office, the individual in the building will be considered as the safest one we can manufacture, regardless of the internal system or function of the building. However, in the absence of thunderstorm safety precautions, it is necessary to consider what path lightning takes to reach the ground of outdoor swimming pool. Lightning may propagate along structural frame members outside the perimeter of outdoor swimming pool, it may seek metal pipeline system, or equipment wiring may be the source of providing grounding path. If the structure has no thunderstorm safety precautions, there is no control mechanism, which leads to lightning seeking any number of paths or lack of paths.

Arc generated between independent thunderstorm safety precautions.

When a metal pipeline system is excited by lightning or other things, any other thunderstorm safety precautions will be at different ground potentials. Different ground potentials will cause current to flow, either in the equipment connected to two or more systems or near them, which may cause arcing. Connecting these building grounding systems at the entrance to the building and at the place where the equipment interconnects multiple systems minimizes any potential differences, which is now required by the national electrical code and lightning protection safety standards. Swimming pool water is further treated to inhibit bacterial growth, which increases potential conductivity. Now we are faced with so many variables that it is difficult to strictly analyze the water safety and lightning protection of outdoor swimming pools. Because it is difficult to accurately predict dangerous situations, most authorities will implement the policy of cleaning outdoor swimming pools under stormy conditions to reduce any potential contact between really good conductors (human bodies) and potential conductive pool water. Even in the scene of cleaning the pool, another problem that needs to be dealt with appears. After cleaning the outdoor swimming pool, customers of the facility may walk into the shower room and stand near the metal pipeline system and metal drainage system. Or they may call for a ride to connect to a fixed telephone that can provide a lightning path. In addition, if these customers run to their cars in the parking lot, they will be further hit directly (until they enter the safe cars). When all variables and possible scenarios are considered, the water safety and lightning protection of outdoor swimming pools are not easy to solve.

thunderstorm safety precautions

Sunlight believes that because lightning behavior is unpredictable, the best way for water safety and lightning protection of outdoor swimming pools may be for recreational facilities to make a conservative but common-sense plan for management response and preparation. Finally, the ideal method is to solve the safety problem by setting thunderstorm safety precautions for the structure during the design and construction of facilities. To learn more about the best methods of water safety and lightning protection in outdoor swimming pools, or to enhance your comprehensive understanding of these thunderstorm safety precautions, please check our lightning protection guide and keep an eye on Sunlight official website. We will update relevant products from time to time, and provide relevant product information and materials, and look forward to your visit and consultation.

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