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Lightning protection for Health Care Facilities

Source : Sichuan Sunlight intelligent electric equipment Co., ltd

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Lightning protection for Health Care Facilities

Hospitals, nursing homes, research centers, laboratories, etc. are critical infrastructures that must prevent thunderstorm risks. Buildings are densely populated with high equipment costs, and even patients connected to the electrical system will not be affected by power supply interruptions or changes. Therefore, a comprehensive lightning protection system is required to ensure safety and quality to the greatest extent. 2021 is characterized by a series of events that have had a negative impact on the healthcare industry, and in many countries, it is even on the verge of collapse. Therefore, investing in the infrastructure, services and facilities that support hospitals and laboratories is more important than ever. The United Nations and other agencies have set a series of targets to respond to the pandemic, including increasing investment in the lightning protection system of medical facilities. This helps achieve the sustainable development goals of health and well-being. Although most of the investment will come from public sources, the private sector also appears to be interested in funding such projects at the international level. The necessary investments in hospitals around the world need to provide comprehensive lightning protection for such facilities.

system of medical facilities

The impact of lightning strikes on the hospital's electrical system

If not effectively protected, lightning strikes can cause serious damage to the structure, power supply and equipment of the hospital. The proper functioning of this equipment is critical to some patients, as lightning strikes may cause the failure of electrical systems that were vital to their vitality at the time. Even in less severe cases, the equipment is expensive, and its destruction may lead to critical situations. Each country has its own method to prevent thunderstorm risks, but there are also internationally recognized standards that provide guidance for the correct design and installation of the lightning protection system of medical facilities. To this end, they not only need external protection devices, such as lightning arresters, but also internal surge protection and grounding systems to minimize the impact of lightning strikes and ensure the safety of electrical systems.

Sunlight has the elements required in the lightning protection system of medical facilities:

ALG slow-release ion grounding device is sunlight's latest contribution to lightning protection. In addition to all the advantages of the ion grounding device, the anti-corrosion ion grounding electrode ALG is currently a relatively advanced grounding product in the world. It has better resistance reduction, leakage, anti-corrosion effects, stable grounding resistance and longer service life. This innovation not only prevents thunderstorm risk, but also saves installation time and maintenance costs.

system of medical facilities

The importance of proper grounding of health centers and hospitals

The external lightning protection system cannot prevent the influence of long-distance or cloud-on-cloud lightning, nor can it prevent thunderstorm risk Therefore, the hospital and its electrical system must be protected from permanent and transient surges. As far as lightning protection systems are concerned, it is also important to ensure that the current is well dispersed in the grounding system. When receiving lightning current, the accumulated energy will produce a large potential difference on the ground, and even get an electric shock due to the potential difference between the feet. In addition, in the installation of electrical systems, general grounding is essential to ensure the safety of the system. The correct ground connection provides a safe path for currents and prevents these currents from finding unwanted paths that may cause damage and cause serious consequences to personnel and equipment. There are several methods of calculating grounding. According to the characteristics of the lightning protection system of medical facilities, one or the other method is applied. Determine the characteristics of the grounding device based on the results of the grounding calculation study.

For more information, we encourage you to consult our grounding research service on the official website of sunlight. Our experience, technical expertise and regulatory knowledge, as well as the most comprehensive product range, enable us to provide the best lightning protection system of medical facilities and hospitals. For your safety, please consult our professional lightning protection technicians on the official website of sunlight.

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