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Lightning Protection Systems on Rooftop Terraces

Source : Sichuan Sunlight intelligent electric equipment Co., ltd

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Lightning Protection Systems on Rooftop Terraces

Roof terrace and garden have become one of the most popular facilities in urban architecture. Tenants and apartment owners pay high prices for these design features, and expect that high-quality details and construction will not distract the vision provided by the roof. Anything installed on an inhabited roof must be strong enough to withstand accidents or other damages caused by people's contact with roof equipment. As the recently built building in downtown Chicago proves, lightning strike termination devices can meet these expectations. These projects demonstrate several ways to integrate lightning protection devices into building guardrails and railings while still meeting industry standards. Roof lightning receptor, informally called lightning rod, is the most obvious element in lightning strike termination device, but they are only part of a complete system, which includes a lightning rod network running through the building and connected to the foundation of the grounding electrode structure embedded in the earth outside.

lightning strike termination device

Renelle Building

Roof lightning receptor is not obvious from the ground; They can be as small as 3/8 inches in diameter, at least 10 inches higher than the surrounding buildings, and up to 24 inches away from the surrounding buildings. Despite this, some designers still don't want to see anyone near the wind outlet on the roof terrace and garden. For them, the lightning strike termination device can be used instead of the traditional lightning rod. According to industry standards, the lightning strike termination device can be any permanent component of a structure made of metal at least 3/16 inch thick (handrail is 0.064 inch thick), and it is electrically continuous with the lightning protection system. Railings, sunshade structures, decorations and other metal products can be used instead of lightning rod network to meet the design requirements. Renelle, designed by bKL Architecture, uses strike stop devices around its roof terrace and garden, allowing visitors to enjoy the Chicago River and the city skyline at a glance. The extra-thick top guide rail is electrically continuous with the steel railing and the rest of the lightning protection system.

NEMA building

The NEMA Building enjoys a magnificent view of Grant Park. To respect these opinions, Rafael Viñoly Architects designated railings as strike termination equipment around roof terrace and garden. The railing is installed on the inner surface of the super-wide retaining wall of the building, which is more than 24 inches away from the surface of the building. This requires installing a lightning rod network on the top of parapet. Through the rolling ball analysis, it is determined whether a close roof lightning receptor and lightning strike termination device are needed. Charges that can cause lightning damage usually impact within a radius of 150 feet, and are modeled as if a 300-foot-diameter sphere rolled over the surface of a building; Wherever a sphere touches a building, it is a place where lightning can attach to the building. This indicates the placement of lightning strike termination devices or air terminals to protect the structure. However, the visual impact of the terminal building is small, because the terminal building is located outside the glass railing, which is lower than the public view of the roof terrace and garden. The lightning conductor cable connects the lightning receptor and the bottom of the railing to the penetrating device of the penetrating structure connected with the rest of the lightning protection system. Conductors and penetrating devices through the structure are hidden in the leaves of the planting bed around the roof terrace and garden.

lightning strike termination device


The successful design and construction of roof terrace and garden requires the cooperation of architects and general contractors of buildings and lightning rod network designers and installers certified by Lightning Protection Association. Lightning protection professionals should be consulted at the early stage of the design process to help ensure that the lightning termination device meets the aesthetic requirements of the project, the price of the roof lightning receptor is reasonable and reliable protection is provided. Compliance with the North American lightning protection consensus standard is essential to prevent the use of products based on early streamer emission, charge dissipation and other unproven theories. Lightning protection system is not under the jurisdiction of most building code officials, so third-party inspection and certification services, such as Lightning Protection Association-inspection plan, should also be used to ensure quality. The lightning strike termination device described in this paper is designed to protect the damage to the building structure, contents and occupants. However, they do not provide protection for individuals on the roof during thunderstorms. Building owners and occupants must be informed, as warned by the National Weather Service, Please enter the room when the thunder sounds.

The above is an overview of Sunlight's installation of lightning arrester network in roof terrace and garden. If you want to know more about Sunlight's high-quality lightning arrester for customers, please keep an eye on Sunlight's official website. We will update relevant products from time to time, and provide relevant product information and materials, and look forward to your visit and consultation.

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