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How to organically combine each part of the lightning protection grounding system

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How to organically combine each part of the lightning protection grounding system
The perfect application of the lightning protection grounding system not only depends on a certain part of the system, but more importantly, the wonderful combination of each part. Regarding how to organically combine each part of the lightning protection grounding system, let's give you a specific introduction.
Grounding is the most important part of lightning protection technology. Whether it is direct lightning, induced lightning or other forms of lightning, it will be introduced into the earth through the grounding device. Therefore, there is no effective lightning protection without a reasonable and good grounding device. From the perspective of lightning protection, the device that makes a good electrical connection between the air-termination device and the earth is called a grounding device. The function of the grounding device is to discharge the electric charge from the lightning strike to the air-termination device as soon as possible to neutralize the heterogeneous electric charge of the earth.
lightning protection grounding system
At present, common grounding and equipotential bonding are popular in the international and domestic lightning protection theory and engineering circles:
(1) Common grounding means to connect many grounding devices of different natures in the same building, such as lightning protection ground, electrical safety grounding, AC power supply working ground, communication and computer DC grounding, to make them an equipotential body;
(2) Equipotential bonding is to connect all metal objects in and near the building, such as steel bars in concrete, water pipes, gas pipes and other metal pipes, and the neutral line of the power system by electrical connection (welding or Reliable electrical connection), making the whole building a good equipotential body. When lightning strikes, since the inside of the building and its vicinity are basically equipotential, there will be no accidents where the equipment inside the building is hit by a high potential and people are struck by lightning.
Due to the equipotential connection, the requirements on the grounding resistance of the building can be relaxed. This is particularly important for areas with high soil resistivity such as droughts and deserts.
Therefore, the following principles should be followed when designing the ground network:
(1) Try to use the steel bars of the building foundation and the natural metal grounding objects to connect to the ground as a grounding grid;
(2) Try to use natural grounding objects as the basis, supplemented by artificial grounding objects, and adopt a closed ring shape as much as possible;
(3) A unified grounding network should be used, and one-point grounding should be used to ground.
The electrolytic ion grounding rod is composed of advanced reversible slow-release compounds. The surface material of the electrode is pure copper. To ensure the highest electrical conductivity and long life. Through a large number of experimental studies, it is found that the direct cause of excessive soil resistivity is the lack of auxiliary conductive functions of free ions. The filler on the outside of the grounding conductor is based on a material with strong water absorption, strong adsorption and cation exchange performance. Equipped with long-lasting, resistance-reducing, strong anti-corrosion function, high expansion coefficient, not affected by temperature changes, and a variety of chemical materials resistant to high voltage shocks as auxiliary. It is mainly used to solve the problems of temperature around the grounding conductor, ion generation content, and corrosion protection. The conductor is tightly combined with the ground, thereby reducing the contact resistance between the electrode and the soil, improving the resistivity of the surrounding soil, and effectively enhancing the lightning conduction release capability. The inner filling material of the conductor contains special electric ionic compounds, which can fully absorb the moisture in the air. Through deliquescence, active electric ions are effectively released into the soil, and interact with the moisture in the soil and the air to further promote the slow release of the conductor and reduce the resistance, and keep the resistance value stable for a long time. The compound inside the conductor gradually turns into a colloidal transparent state with time. Through in-depth research on experiments, and in accordance with relevant physical and chemical theories, using the conductive properties of colloidal compounds, the entire system can be in a state of ion exchange for a long time, thus forming an ideal ion grounding system. In the end, this grounding system was perfectly combined with grounding products to produce a high-performance grounding device.

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