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How are residential fires related to lightning strikes produced?

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How are residential fires related to lightning strikes produced?

Lightning strike is a powerful atmospheric discharge. Although they are natural phenomena, because of their power, they may bring great risks when attacking the earth. In the residential area, lightning may have important consequences, including fire. In the news all over the world, we have read about the fires caused by lightning strikes in private residential buildings, residential buildings or other buildings (such as churches or historical sites). In fact, according to the data released by the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 2014, there were 3.900 fires caused by lightning in the United States alone. According to the same source, about 20% of the fires caused by atmospheric discharge from 2007 to 2011 occurred in residential areas. Under these circumstances, atmospheric discharge will cause danger to people. Fortunately, due to the rapid action of the fire department, the number of victims is very small compared with the large number of fires in private residential buildings caused by lightning (in 2014, 35 people were injured in fires caused by lightning in the United States). However, lightning means huge costs and losses to insurance companies, which can be avoided by proper protection.

private residential buildings

Fire happened in building structure after lightning strike.

The velocity of atmospheric discharge is about 140,000 kilometers per second, and its temperature is higher than the surface of the sun. Therefore, it can be understood that the impact of lightning on private residential buildings will cause damage or even catch fire after collision, especially when it comes into contact with flammable materials such as wood. If the atmospheric discharge itself does not damage the structure of the building, the resulting fire may cause the risk of collapse. Lightning is the cause of a large amount of electromagnetic interference in power system. Lightning strikes upstairs in private houses or near buildings may cause power grid interruption, resulting in transient surge. If the lightning protection system project is not implemented for the peak voltage in private residential buildings or buildings, it may lead to electrical failure, fire and even damage to all equipment connected to the power line.

The role of grounding in preventing lightning fire

In many cases, we always insist on the importance of correctly grounding the system to ensure the safety of the electrical system. With regard to preventing family accidents caused by lightning strikes, it must be pointed out that ALG grounding device produced by sunlight meets the function of driving beam energy to the ground and dissipating it without endangering power supply and personnel, and is the best choice for intercepting discharges and driving them safely and effectively. In case of atmospheric discharge, poor grounding system may lead to overheating of wires, resulting in fire. When talking about preventing lightning from damaging the structure of private residential buildings, it is necessary to install an appropriate protection system specially designed for the needs of this specific place. Therefore, it is necessary for sunlight expert team to implement lightning protection system project according to the standard, which will indicate the required protection level and how to install it. Therefore, the goal is to capture lightning before it hits any part of private residential buildings or other structures, and to expand the protected area as much as possible. Now there are high-tech systems that allow us to predict lightning. First of all, the foundation of safe installation is the lightning protection system project designed according to electrical safety standards, in which the layout of necessary components is correct, and the quality of grounding materials used can ensure low impedance. The poor external lightning protection system project is inefficient. As we can see, atmospheric discharge can damage the circuit of private residential buildings, and even lead to short circuit of fire. Nevertheless, it is possible to protect electrical devices and prevent all these problems. After the research of lightning protection system project, it is usually recommended to install an ALG grounding device produced by sunlight for internal protection to completely protect the building. In this way, we can not only prevent fire risks, but also protect all equipment inside and outside private residential buildings.

private residential buildings

At present, private residential buildings have more electronic devices, which is mainly due to the rise of automation and smart cities. In fire prevention, it is important to raise people's awareness of the importance of preventing fire sources that may be caused by atmospheric discharge. As we can see, fires in private residential buildings caused by thunderstorms can be prevented by installing sunlight lightning protection system project. Finally, it is important to emphasize that lightning is not only a danger in the environment of private residential buildings. Some professional fields are particularly vulnerable to the risk of lightning strikes. For example, in open-air activities (such as airports, outdoor activities or mining) or departments using highly flammable materials (such as petrochemical industry). If you need any suggestions on lightning protection system projects or lightning protection research, please feel free to contact us. Sunlight expert team is willing to help you.

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