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Lightning hazards are hidden in neglect

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Lightning hazards are hidden in neglect

  September 03, 2020

  Saudi Arabia: Lightning strike kills immigrant worker in Bireen

  A lightning storm has killed an immigrant worker in a village in Saudi Arabia, according to a media report.

  Three expatriates were in their home in the village of Bireen located in the governorate of Al Laith off Saudi Arabia’s western coast on Wednesday when the lightning storm struck them, killing one of them, online newspaper Sabq said. The two other housemates survived, the report said.

  The victim’s nationality was not given. His body was taken to the General Al Laith Hospital to finalise burial procedures. The village was lashed by heavy rainfall on Wednesday.

  Sep 9th 2020

  MUMBAI, India

  Two farmers, including a teenager were killed as lightning struck a village in different areas of Palghat. Maharashtra. MUMBAI, India. This is the fourth death due to lightning in less than a week.

  So how can we protect ourselves?

  Reliable grounding solution is the answer. Grounding is essential to ensure safety and avoid serious consequences to people and equipment. It is the easiest and only known way to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property from lightning damage.

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