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Exothermic Welding

Exothermic welding, as a safe, efficient, and excellent metal connection process, is the standard way to connect the ground grid in the grounding system. The metal is melted by the high temperature generated by the aluminothermic reaction, so as to obtain a higher quality welding effect.
Exothermic Welding

  Sunlightweld™ exothermic welding has UL 467 certification IEC 62561 certification and RoHS certification.

  Exothermic welding powder:

  1. Non toxic and heavy metal.

  2. Steady burn without pop and fire out.

  3. No slag and porosity.

  4. Consistency of color.

  5. Joints are highly conductive.

Exothermic welding powder

  Graphite Mould

Graphite Mould

  Sunlightweld™ Graphite Mould, an exothermic welding mould is made from high quality graphite, accurate production and expert engineering.

  1. Earnest design: capacity, flow path.

  2. High quality raw material.

  3. Accurate tolerance.

  4. Durability: at least 50 times in normal usage.