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The new generation of electronic ignition exothermic welding developed by our Sunlight company is also suitable for various connection forms of traditional exothermic welding. It is more technologically safe and convenient.

  Sunlightweld™ E-plus electronic ignition series has been patented in the United States and has UL certification, CE certification and RoHS certification. It is a new generation of exothermic welding technology.


  1. No ignition powder

  E-plus uses an electronic starter with a rechargeable battery for ignition, and there is no ignition powder, which makes E-plus easy to transport, safer and not affected by wind during construction.

  2. Metal powder layered design

  The metal powder of E-plus is put into the cup in 2 layers and reacted in 2 times, which makes the thermite reaction more complete and the flame length shorter.

  3. Environmentally friendly

  The E-plus cup body and lid participate in the thermite reaction, and there is only a small amount of residue after operation.

  4. Compatible with traditional molds

  Sunlightweld molds are compatible with E-plus, tube powder and bag powder.