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E-plus: Efficient exothermic welding

Source : Sichuan Sunlight intelligent electric equipment Co., ltd

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E-plus: Efficient exothermic welding

  Exothermic welding is the result of a process that achieves the molecular union of two or more metallic conductors through a chemical reaction. This molecular bond improves the mechanical, electrical and corrosion-related properties with respect to any mechanical connection.

  The innovative E-plus and the electronic ignition offers much more efficient results, saving costs and providing an extra in security.

  Perfect unions

  The exothermic welding E-plus is the best mode to make permanent, reliable and high conductivity connections in every installation that requires earthing connection. The molecular union, not only mechanic, ensures the connection during the lifetime of the building in a well-defined process.


  E-plus exothermic welding comprehensively improves construction efficiency, which is reflected in no preparation work, rapid chemical reaction and fewer residues. Compared with traditional exothermic welding, E-plus can reduce the time of each connection point by about 40%, greatly shortening the construction period.


  Compared with traditional exothermic welding, E-plus has no ignition powder, which makes the product safer during transportation and construction. In addition, E-plus is technically different. When it reacts, the flame length is shorter, which improves the labour security.

  Cost saving

  The unique E-plus is suitable for any type of connection, it reduces logistics costs, minimizes errors and preparation times and increases the efficiency of the process, even in windy or humid weather conditions.

  How does it work?

  Greater convenience of usage and security in five steps:

  1. Preheat mould and conductor.

  2. Fix mould and conductor and connect the clamps.

  3. Put the E-plus cup in the graphite mould hopper. The #type of cup is indicated in every mould.

  4. Press the two buttons of the electronic ignition starter at the same time.

  5. Take the weld.

Preheat mold and conductorPlace E-plus cupConnect ignition starterPress bottomIgnition complete

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