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Advantages of graphite grounding wire

Source : Sichuan Sunlight intelligent electric equipment Co., ltd

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Advantages of graphite grounding wire
As a good conductor for lightning protection and grounding, graphite grounding wire has many advantages, such as resistance reduction, stability, and safety. Let's take a look at these advantages of graphite grounding wires for everyone.
graphite grounding wires
1. Resistance reduction: Since the graphite grounding wire is a good electrical conductor, apply it to the soil in close contact, expand the cross-sectional area of diffuse flow, and reduce the contact resistance with the soil; anti-corrosion: the graphite wire is made of carbon fiber graphite, No corrosion; permeability: As the graphite grounding wire penetrates into the surrounding soil pores during the construction process, the resistivity of the surrounding soil is reduced, and a low resistance area with gentle resistivity changes is formed around the graphite wire, which significantly reduces the grounding resistance of the entire grounding grid .

2. Stability: Graphite grounding wire has good impact characteristics and can withstand the influence of power frequency current and impact current. It also has a good pressure equalization effect, improves the potential distribution, thereby reducing the step voltage and contact voltage, and ensuring personal safety; long-term performance: the graphite grounding wire contains a special moisture adsorbent, which can effectively prevent rainy seasons and dry seasons Grounding resistance is affected by climate change.

3. Safety: The graphite grounding wire has been strictly tested by the environmental protection department on the production process, process, samples and use places. The results confirmed that the resistance reducing agent has no pollution during the production process and does not harm the health of workers. The graphite grounding wire itself does not contain harmful and toxic elements such as lead and arsenic, and it is non-polluting, non-toxic, safe and reliable to the surrounding environment and groundwater resources during use.

Scope of application: used for working grounding, safety grounding and lightning protection grounding in power plants, substations, switchyards, high-voltage transmission lines, electrified railways, telecommunications, mobile communication stations, microwave relay stations, ground satellite receiving stations, radar stations, etc.; precious precision instruments , Computer room equipment, post and telecommunications program control equipment, radio and television equipment, electronic medical equipment, etc. work grounding and protective grounding; various high-rise buildings and tall structures, historic buildings, tall monuments and other lightning protection grounding; oil pipelines and oil and gas tanks, Lightning protection and grounding of flammable and explosive materials warehouse.

The grounding wire products produced by Chengdu Sunlight have a wide range of applications and have many advantages. To learn more about the advantages of graphite grounding wires, please consult Sunlight.

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