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3 years with Saudi Electricity Company

Source : Sichuan Sunlight intelligent electric equipment Co., ltd

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3 years with Saudi Electricity Company

  From 2017 to 2020, three years of hard work finally made Sunlight win the bid for millions of dollars of grounding materials from Saudi Electricity Company.

  Three years ago, on February 2017, Sunlight started contacting Saudi Electricity Company to understand their technical requirements for grounding materials and entry requirement.

  On February 2018, Sunlight company initiated the product test with the DNV testing lab in Dutch (the organization designated by Saudi Electricity Company). After three times sample delivery and testing lasted 1 year, sunlight obtained the product qualification testing report on February 2019.

  On January 2020, Sunlight was successfully selected as a qualified supplier of Saudi Electricity Company

3 years with Saudi Electricity Company

  On February 2020, Sunlight participated in the bid for grounding products of Saudi Electricity Company.

  Finally, on March 2020, Sunlight successfully won the bid of grounding materials. This is a major breakthrough for Sunlight in the international market.

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