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Operation Process of Exothermic Welding

The Exothermic Weld process is a method ofmaking electrical connections of copper-to- copper or copper-to-steel in whichno outside source of heat or power is required. In this process, conductors areprepared, placed in a purpose designed graphite mould, and exothermic welded to produce a permanent molecularly bonded electrical connection. The steps outlined below are a general demonstration of a typical welded connection.These basic steps are used for all electrical connections. Be sure to read andfollow the instructions included with every mold before making a connection.


1. Before welding, check the mold clamp and adjust properly to make sure it close tightly.
2. Don’t observe the welding process, it will hurt your eyes.
3. Don’t touch the the conductor and the joint after welding to avoid empyrosis.
4. Keep the weld metal in a dry place, don’t operate when blowing.

The process of Exothermic Welding is a method of making electrical connections of copper to copper or copper to steel in which no outside source of heat or power is required. In this process, a special Welding material is placed into a hightemperature resistant mold and ignited. The process of igniting the particles createsextremely high heat and molten metal (exothermic reaction) up to 1400 degrees celsius, and produces a molten metal slag. This liquid copper metal flows intothe Welding cavity, filling any available space and completes the Welding. TheWelding is then allowed to cool and solidify before it is removed from themold. The mold is ready for the next Welding after a brief cleaning with abrush. This entire process takes only seconds to complete.

Exothermic Welding connections produce a permanent connection,superior in performance to any known mechanical or pressure type surface-to-surface contact connector. Because the connection produced is a molecular bond, an exothermic Weldinged connection will not loosen or increasein resistance over the lifetime of the installation.

Advantages of using Exothermic Welding:
It guarantees the most common connections not only between copper cables but also for Weldinging tapes and metallic pieces made of brass, stainlesssteel, and copper coated steel earth rods. Current carrying (fusing) capacity equal to or greater than the conductor.
It  offers  a  permanent  Weldinging  and a  low  resistance   connection,  essential  for  achieving long wearing and trustworthy  results in earthing. 
It does not corrode oxide or degrade with time and is resistant to galvanic coupling.
It has higher mechanical and squeezing resistance than the conductors themselves. 
It has a superior electrical conductivity than the conductors themselves.
Permanent molecular bond that will not loosen or corrode
It is able to withstand repeated electrical discharges. 
No external power or heat required.
Can be checked visually for quality
It never increases its resistance.
Will withstand repeated faults
Will not deteriorate with age.
No special skills required.
Easily transportable
  Low labor costs

Post time: Sep-16-2019