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E-Plus Exothermic Welding Metal

Short Description:

The E-plus exothermic welding electrical connections product is the third generation of Sunlight welds product series, compared with the traditional electronic ignition exothermic welding products, E-plus focus on permanent bond with convenient and safer operation.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Product Detail

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     Technical standards

    Conform to international standards:

    IEEE 80-2013, IEEE 837-2014, UL 467-2013,

    Product safety

    (A)   Transportation safety: The product does not contain any flammable and explosive components, which can be transported by air and shorten the logistics and transportation time.

    (B)  Storage security: Three layers of protective packaging. Under the natural environment, the quality stability of the product is guaranteed, the risk of flammability and explosion is eliminated, and storage is convenient.

    (C)  Operational safety: Electronically start the exothermic welding operation outside the safe distance of 1.8 meters, and the electronic starter adopts the double-point switch mode, the channel warning reminder function, avoiding accidental injury during operation.

    Comfort operation

    (A)   Efficient operation time: Put the E-plus type exothermic welding cup body into the special mold, connect the quick plug of the electronic starter, start the switch button to perform the exothermic welding, and complete the whole welding joint operation time within 1 minute. Achieve. No need to unpack the traditional products, place steel disc gaskets, dust powder, ignite, etc., saving about 70% of operation time.

    (B)   The environmentally friendly weld metal cup: the metal cup body of the solder powder package is an integral part of the welding formula. After the exothermic Welding is completed, the metal cup body is directly integrated into the welded joint, and no cup remains on the job site.

    (C)   Stability of welding quality: The independent packaging of the electronic heat-dissipating cup body avoids the situation that the conventional bagged, bottled solder powder is unevenly poured into the mold, the powder leakage, the powder outside the mold, etc. affect the quality of the welded joint;

    At the same time, the problem that the hand-held electric spark gun cannot be ignited when the conventional solder powder is thrown unevenly is avoided, and the ignition efficiency is improved.

    (D)   Matched exothermic welding electronic starter;

    New design between the electronic starter and the welding cup starter, fully parameter matching;

    The electronic starter achieves an exothermic welding reaction time of only  3 seconds;

    The electronic starter is equipped with an electric line protection device, configured with a charging function, and an operation warning sound prompt function;

    The electronic starter provides a built-in connection cable with a retractable line function for easy storage, carrying and construction operations on the site;

    The electronic starter has a built-in 4-port detachable international 18650 rechargeable lithium battery that can be purchased locally, avoiding the limitations of built-in non-removable battery air transportation.

    The starter comes with a charger that meets the needs of 100 consecutive exothermic welds in one full charge.

    (E)   Product identification

    For different types of exothermic welding products, we use different color labeling for each product in each unit of packaging, so that it can be sorted by the operation site.




    1. When the weld metal cup is taken out from the packaging box, the cup body portion is applied by hand, and the portable electronic lead wire is prohibited from being put into the mold, which may cause damage to the electric device unit, and the exothermic welding start may not be realized.
    2. If the electronic starter is beeping, it is forbidden to plug the cup lead-out wire and the electronic starter to avoid damage to the operator caused by equipment failure.
    3. To avoid damage to the operator, when the cup body lead-out line and the electronic starter are plugged in, it is forbidden to operate the pressing start switch.
    4. When cleaning the welding mold, the mold should be lightly brushed, and the welding mold should not be hammered or struck.
    5. If the electronic heat-dissipating welding cup body cannot be started, please check whether the electric power of the electronic starter is under pressure, whether the quick connector of the connecting wires is in good contact.

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